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Hub Motor with Internal CVT

Intellectual Property: Patent of Invention pending
Status: in Prototyping phase
Market Availability: 2016
Business Opportunity: Open startup
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Hub Motor with Internal CVT


How And What

n the context of the technical unit called Gearbox, there are several solutions substantially related to components suitable to change the kinematic chain ratio  step by step and others which are able to guarantee this in a continuous way.

Reconsidering the formula already described literally P = C x ω and noting that usually the maximum efficiency of motor and or operator machines is in correspondence of an precise value/range – usually corresponding to the point of maximum Torque and minimum specific Consumption – it is clear that the gearbox optimal performance, is its ability to vary along an hyperbole then continuously, the inverse relationship between Torque and angular Velocity, paying the minimal friction losses.

Only in this way in fact the machine could work at its point of maximum efficiency independently from the resistant load.

The same reasoning must be done when the most interest is to have always the maximum power, whose value in electric motors and generators, is usually near to the parameters to which correspond the maximum torque and a good efficiency.

The linear variation of the τ ratio can therefore be approximated by increasing the number of gear ratios configurable, the said steps usually called marches, or optimized by a Continuously Variable Transmission device (CVT).

The Power Unit can be realized by using the electric motor DC Brushless (BL) type Permanent Magnet rare earths (NdFeB) Synchronous, and as an alternative, type of Asynchronous with squirrel cage rotor type and related electronic drives.

Minimal Powertrain SA cares a lot about this project because it optimizes, making they synergistic, the simplicity of the concept of the in-wheel motor (hub motor) with the best possible driveline.

The goal is to present to the market in 2016 this innovation that has all the requirements to prove it as the optimal solution for the pure electric drive, and to realize MinimalPowertrain Hybrid type.

At present, this initiative developed as general design, can be considered a Startup open to the interested investors.