All in One
Hybrid with Integrated Drivetrain
right pedal
right crank arm
right housing flange
outer structural housing
direct integrated trasmission roller

Intellectual Property: Patent of Invention pending
Status: in Prototyping phase
Market Availability: after Taipei International Cycle Show 2015
Business Opportunity: Minimal Powertrain AG
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Hybrid with Integrated Drivetrain


How And What

The problem of the insufficient motor torque to ensure to the driving wheels the  typical automotive performances (references values: acceleration 2.8 m/s2 and uphill 25% gradient), present also in the minimal powertrain even if it comes to vehicles lightweight type, are all solved by this Power Unit Hybrid type with Direct Integrated Transmission.

The identity and philosophy of Minimal Powertain SA, is expressed at the highest level in this invention, which concentrates in a single group the ability to integrate the contribution from the electrical energy source with the muscular energy source, eliminating any problem of  the secondary driveline (crowns, chain, sprockets group, front and rear derailleurs or correspondent device as internal hub gears) which advantageously is not there.

We all know, the burden to manage these secondary kinematic chains in order of dirt, lubrication, chain jumps, registration needs and breakages.

In the case of high torques to be transmitted in addition, it can’t certainly be mounted cheap components for which the vehicle, if it is premium type with quality, accuses a very important cost increase.

This structure is also technologically innovative because it is completely developed on a single axis fixed respect to the chassis that, in the bicycle case, corresponds to the one traditionally called the central movement or bottom bracket for which, as other solutions that today are fashionable like Middle Motor or BB Motor (Bottom Bracket Motor), is able to bring the center of gravity of the vehicle in the ideal position.

The power component is an electrical machine having bidirectional functionality as motor and generator, type PMBLDCDD (Permanent Magnet Brushless Direct Current Direct Drive) ie without internal reduction gears.

Regarding to the useful torque to the rear drive wheel, this project took over as target C = 100 Nm for the electric drive alone, so that the contribution of the muscular pedaling must be added: value difficult to reach for other solutions available in the market.

This premium power unit, between said central motor and almost all of the hub geared motor, it is also the only one with the ability to ensure the Energy Recovery as well as the Production of Electricity on Site, thanks to the its constructive peculiarities and its refined drive system and control.

Someone will object that mechanical power transmission by exploiting the friction as it was for the great successes of Garelli (Mosquito) and Solex after the war, involves issues of dependence of the torque transmitted by the condition of the surfaces in contact, inherent energy loss and wear of the tire.

By contrast, many always strive to achieve correctly this solution given the huge benefits it offers.

Technically it should be noted that the rollers used in the past had diameters of around 60 mm while here they are almost quadruples, that the actual tires are capable of performances in all parameters better than those accessible at that time, and that the energy losses and the wear are real only if there is relative movement between the two surfaces in contact at the contact point.

If you think that the drive wheel transmits power to the ground by virtue of the identical physical phenomenon which is precisely the friction, although coarsely but correctly, you can imagine how it can be equally without problems even in the case of the interaction between the integrated direct roller transmission and the traction tire.