11-14 Settembre, 2016
31 Agosto - 4 settembre 2016
2-5 Marzo 2016
Hybrid and Electric
Bike, Trike and Quadricycle
Minimal Powertrain AG
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Hub Motor with Internal Gearbox
for front wheel

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Hub Motor with Internal Gearbox
for rear wheel

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Hybrid with Integrated Drivetrain
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Accumulator of Electric Charge
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Transducer, Monitor and Transponder
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Power Recovery and Generation
by the Vehicle
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Pedal Electric Cycle and Electric Bike
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Light and Heavy Tricycles
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Light and Heavy Quadricycle

Investors Opportunity

Minimal Powertrain AG represents an innovative start-up, which is still open to share its philosophy with synergic third parties, interested to concretize and develop this mission with the economic activity of a structured company.

In the products item of the menu, are given all the opportunities offered to the Investors market as well as to the Customers who want to participate, together with the progress of works necessary to realize each Technical Unit or Vehicle, object of the market and production strategy .

Even if briefly, we have tried to summarize for each project the present texture in relation to its components and implementation phases (feasibility study, aesthetic and architectural design, powertrain study, structural design, prototyping, tests, industrialization, pre-series and series production) so that can be at once clear the expectable investment level.

For further details, please contact the counterparts in the contact section, so you can know what is the operational structure already activated by Minimal Powertrain AG and which are the italian and foreign Partners already identified with regard to the area Commercial, Production and Procurement together with the strategies and opportunities of implementation.

At present we believe to have already identified and partially developed good projects and ideas reliable to implement and successfully manage a medium-sized company for at least the next 10 years.