Complete Vehicles in Every Detail

Management, Monitoring, Tracking and Antitheft
Unità di Potenza Ibrida con 
Trasmissione Integrata
Domanda di Brevetto
per Invenzione Industriale
Sensore di Velocità Angolare 
e/o di Coppia della Pedalata
per garantire la funzionalità Ibrida
Azionamento dell'Unità di Potenza
in Servizio Generatore
Azionamento dell'Unità di Potenza
in Servizio Motore
Gestione, Protezione e Controllo
del Serbatoio di Energia Elettrica
Serbatoio di Energia Elettrica
Interno al Telaio
Trasponder GPS per Scambio Informazioni in Remoto
Sensore di Frenata
Caricatore Esterno per
il Serbatoio di Energia Elettrica
Display Lcd o Touch Screen
per l'Impostazione e Controllo a Bordo dei Parametri del Veicolo
Leva Freno con Attuatore
per il Recupero dell'Energia Cinetica in Frenata
Management, Monitoring,
Tracking and Antitheft
Management, Monitoring,
Tracking and Antitheft


How and What

The goal of the “modern” powertrain , is to optimize the set of components and the system’s logics thus far described, and it is valid to any vehicle regardless of its classification, although many features are been up today privilege of the automotive class M1 and of special applications.

The Why of Minimal Powertrain AG is to contribute to ensure a future in general, by promoting a sustainable self-propelled use in particular.

The How, requires to consume and pollute little, then the minimal power required to get the performance needed to meet rationally the need.

The What, is the vehicle designed also for the pleasure and satisfaction that the nice and the right can give, coming from to shape and use the minimal mass with the knowledge required to optimize safety, comfort and taste.

Summing up, we want to live in safety and wellbeing, favoring vehicles of minimum power, minimum weight, manageable with a global energy cycle that involves the minimum pollution in an aesthetic minimum context capable of original beauty and quality, thus maximizing the resources and also the our wallet.

A philosophy that we want to make available and popularize without sacrificing comfort and pleasures of technological progress, as exemplified here for the undisputed protagonist of older origin and of rediscovered, invigorated values ​​and interest – the bicycle – now electric and pedal assisted.

The two-wheeler vehicle in road axle line, of Minimal Powertrain AG, includes:

  • Outer Charger for the Electric Energy Tank positionable also inside the frame
  • Accumulator of Electric Charge inside the frame 
  • Management, Protection and Control of Electric Charge Accumulator made ​​with intelligent PCBA also able to record and exchange data in local and remote for multifunctions managing
  • Power Unit. Exemplified “Hybrid With Integrated Drivetrain” (Patent of Industrial Invention recognized)
  • Electric Drive for the Electric Power Unit, in Motor or in Generator functionality, with management of the Power Recovery and Generation by the Vehicle and it conferment to the Electric Energy Tank
  • Angular Speed and/or Torque Sensor to ensure the hybrid mode Muscular-Electric (Assisted Pedaling)
  • Transponder for GPS functionality and data exchange in remote 
  • LCD monitor to view and control the on-board data with separate input device 
  • Actuator of the  electric current Generator function in the Electric Machine for the braking events 
  • Input and setting device, or brake levers with brake sensor, for the Recovery and Generation Power by the Vehicle.