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How and What

The traditional knowledge primarily mechanical-electrical is no longer sufficient to meet the modern automobile requirements because we are not satisfied to be simply moved with our things but we want or wish that this happens with levels of performance, comfort and safety always more higher.

In recent years, moreover, the need to solve the serious problem that has arisen in relation to the need to save energy and reduce pollution, has even more differentiated and elevated the level of knowledge required to reach the goal of achieving effective and efficient vehicles, extending the needed know more and more to the electronics and information fields.

Usual, Hybrid or Pure Electric, a well-made Powertrain, requires that those are the task to study, design and sales, must be now very familiar with many components and systems not used in the past and now they are present in a context in which knowledge, service and their availability in the warehouse, are not always up to what it should be.

Minimal Powertrain wants to give a responsibly and sure Italian answer to these problems.

Since 1986, when to talk of electric traction was pioneering, the HTM founder, enthusiast of mechatronics, was between of the first to believe in EV and HEV, promoting in Italy and abroad many initiatives to produce components and vehicles using the power source electric type for propulsion.

The base of operations of these activities is historically in Via Castellarin 2 / A, Ronchis (UD), Italy, and is just 1 km from the Latisana exit of the A4 (Venice-Trieste).

In this facility of 800 square meters on two floors with zero environmental impact because interlocked by: an artesian well that from a depth of 590 m guarantees 600 l / minute of water at a temperature of 29 ° C and a pressure of 1.9 ata fulfilling effectively and efficiently to every need in relation to its configured underfloor heating, and by a photovoltaic system of 20 KW peak, also able to satisfy the needs of electrical energy even from a renewable source, have been developed, many components and also many of electric vehicles that circulate in our streets and abroad, including one recently chosen by the Italian Post Office.

The promoters of MPT and HTM know and estimate each other for years and are convinced that the knowledge, experience, experimentation, prototypes, products and projects already completed and in progress – in the context of the potential structure expansion on the other 2,800 square meters of buildable area – are resources of absolute value and should therefore be further exploited, to allow for Italy a good role of internationally competitor ensuring the right to be a players in this sector.

MPT R&D&P Centre of Ronchis borns with this objective therefore making available in Italy and abroad, a know-how and a service without borders.

The why of the borderless could be easily understood by the experts, but in the philosophy of Minimal Powertrainmust be duly explained at all.

China to a greater extent but generally throughout Asia, it is considered the workshop of the world because it is from there, whatever you say and/or state in labels and in advertising, that from a long time comes the majority of products or components sold well in the markets of so-called advanced economies.

It is no secret that the multinationals and large companies hold in Asia many of their factories with the unexpected but predictable result, to have impoverished their countries in terms of production capacity and therefore lack of work, resulting therefore reduced ability to purchase and deterioration in the quality of life in a downward spiral difficult to solve.

Bicycles, furniture, clothing … but recently also the mechanical components and motorcycles and cars: it remains very little of our have been the sixth industrial power in the world and how we can fix is ​​the question even more tragic.

Of course we have to start telling the truth and realize that most of what we buy comes from so-called developing countries, often as a completely finished product, and increasingly we act only in the role of importers and retailers.

Therefore, we must invest in Research and Development and Prototyping, in the hope that the political can be made in the right direction even at school level encouraging those companies that reinvest their profits so that they do not move where this opportunity is widely used because those countries have long understood that this is the plus for attracting investment.

We trust that these survival anchors are configured quickly, for this our talk is: MPT R&D&P firstly in Ronchis … then we’ll see.

What the Research and Development and Prototyping Center of Ronchis does and what you can find there easily without waiting for months and end up with unpleasant and unexpected surprises both technical and economic, is summarized in the following points.

– Research, Design, Prototyping of Hybrid and Electric Powertrain with minimal power

– Consulting, Design, Prototyping of vehicles Minimally Powered

– Retrofit

– Consulting, Design, Prototyping and Construction of components for electric powertrain: Accumulators of Electric Charge, Electric Machine (motors and generators), Controls and Drives, Differential Groups and Transaxle, In Wheel Electric Motor, Displays, Sensors, Transponder

A specific section of MPT R&D&P is expressely organized to ensure to the customer the additional service hard to find on the domestic market:

– Supply from the stock ready and After-sales Assistance for electric powertrain’s components: Accumulators of Electric Charge, Electric Machine (motors and generators), Controls and Drives, Differential Groups and Transaxle, In Wheel Electric Motor, Displays, Sensors, Transponder.

Other explanations are superfluous; It is up to you test the truth of what we say and up to us to guarantee the best efforts to keep our offer internationally convenient.

Retrofit word, however, it deserves a few words to clarify its meaning, especially after that the recent approval of Decree December 1, 2015, n. 219 become operational with the publication in the Official Gazette No. 7 of January 11, 2016 has defined, even if we believe it can be better improved for energy conservation and pollution reduction, the law to retrain vehicles Class M1 and N1 by equipping they with propulsion electricity.

By Retrofit is meaning an intervention following the first original equipment capable to adapt it technologically, to take some goal. In the specific case of a car borns and registered for circular with mains power source not electric, it is now more easily from the legal point of view convert this car in electrical powered thanks to an after market equipping of an suitable and omologated electric kit available for this scope.

As also described under this title, Minimal Powertrain thanks of its multi-sector expertise and the availability of components, it qualifies as optimal supplier of Retrofit.