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Torque Motor with Power Recovery

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Torque Motor with Power Recovery


How and What

Electric motors type: brushless permanent magnet, synchronous, are considered the premium solution for traction in the automotive sector, by virtue of the very high performance that these electric machines are capable in terms of effectiveness, efficiency and torque.

These engines are generally identified by the acronym PMBLDCDD (Permanent Magnet Brushless Direct Current Direct Drive) when they are devoid of internal speed reducer and PMBLDCGD (Permanent Magnet Brushless Direct Current Geared Drive) when otherwise they have.

If designed and manufactured with an outside diameter of stator and inner rotor diameter high in relation to the length of the lamination pack (stacking height) and of the magnets, they are also called Motor of Torque or Torque Motor consequentely for the high capacity of torque usable and therefore do not require normally additional internal reducer of speeds to ensure to overcome the resistant torque and equalize it as required to give the movement to the vehicle.

This setting guarantees fewer friction losses, a convenient sizing that allow to insert this motor directly into the drive wheel (in wheel motor) and the ability to recover the vehicle’s kinetic power that otherwise would be lost in downhill, braking and deceleration.

The technological development achieved on electronic hardware and software needed to operate and control them properly, makes today particularly competitive to think to a Hybrid and Electric Vehicle Powertrain simple and physically concentrated in the drive wheel.

The further undoubted advantage is the fact that the “grip traction” factor on the ground can easily be increased by solving the known problems of differential and/or multiple differentials with the need of related locking mechanisms as total, partial or gradual.

Who drives a four-wheel drive classic has certainly experienced as the maneuverability of the vehicle it is greatly reduced by requiring turning radius more larger and significantly higher consumption.

Who has driving experience with boats, in contrast, he his familiar with the incredible possibility of maneuvering the ship in the presence of two rear engines positioned parallely and symmetrically to the axis of movement, and even more by placing the “bow thruster” bow.

Properly managing the dual rear propulsion and the single bow thruster, you can turn the boat pretty much on itself almost with total absence of translation: it is easy to imagine what is possible to do in a four wheeler vehicle when all four wheels are driving wheels can be managed independently each other.


Minimal Powertrain has long collaborated with Wuxi Proud Eagle Electric Vehicle Technology that with all reasons, thanks to the research and development began in 1995 in Italy and later developed in China, must be considered the pioneer of the electric powering of medium powered vehicles in the LEV.

This Italian-Chinese joint venture founded in 2005 by HTM and Ao Qiang electronic has earned over the years a good image equipping with its in wheel motor single-axis/axis from one side only (single shaft or one side shaft) different successful vehicles circulating in Italy and around the world.

Trademarks MPT and Proud Eagle together provide from Italy to Europe and the rest of the world, directly from the stock, a complete range of these engines in the range 250 W – 6000 W at a voltage range of between 36 V to 72 V.

Each electrical machine is characterized by an electromagnetic and mechanical design of high level of know-how, is made using materials of first use and assembled by using advanced technologies with strict quality control: in particular are employed only magnets of the third generation also called Rare Earth Magnets because they consist of a mixture of NdFeB (Neodymium-Iron-Boron) capable of a much higher magnetic force of the traditional and of more high resistance to high temperatures.

Since March 2016 with the official opening of the Minimal Powertrain R&D center of Ronchis (UD) will be conveniently available every answer on the subject and a Full Customer Service.

Standard PMBLDCDD Motors

(Other dimensions by request)

Code Parts


Power N/M






36 V_250/350 W

Axle Through


1,78 Kg



48 V_500/1000 W

Axle Through


2,23 Kg




Axle Through

One Side Shaft


2,68 Kg




One Side Shaft

2,32 Kg